There is the Theater we do

to please the viewers.

There is the Theater we do

to like us.

There is the Theater we do

to ponder or share ideas.

But there is also the theater we make for our soul

and with our soul,

and this concerns everyone.


Here you can download Barbara Dukas short CV.


The Municipal Regional Theatre of Corfu (DIPETHE CORFU) interferes with a Citythat has been nominated by Unesco as a City-Monument, but also in an entire island that has been recently selected as the pre-eminent destination for film and audiovisual production.

It operates in a place, famous for its artistic tradition, surrounded by a unique historical and natural environment. At the same time, the Theatre is active in the very contemporary artistic creation, and the digital culture, aiming playing an important role in the cultural activity of the whole island, but also of the Ionian Islands’ Region.

Moreover, DIPETHEK unites and invests in new artistic forces, developing a fruitful dialog with other local cultural institutions (museums, archaeological sites, art galleries, etc.) as well as with the important Ionian University, landed in Corfu, and especially with the Department of Sound and Visual Arts and the Department of History.

The repertoire’s and events’ philosophy, culminating in the POLIS-STAGE (City as a Stage) Festival, proposes the original creation, the use of music and new media, the premium of new dramaturgies, inspired by the historical memory, the special language and tradition, and integrated in a new and contemporary concept, satisfying audiences of all ages.

The Regional and Municipal Theater of Corfu,, representing all the Ionian Islands regarding the contemporary artistic creation, and is aspiring to transmit this very stigma from the region: original art production, public involvement, historic sites’ creative uses and contemporary life engaged in a lively reciprocal dialogue.