Annual Peforming Arts Festival in Corfu

  • Site-specifique and site-sensitive events in the city
  • Performative walks
  • Live performances
  • Workshops
  • Poetry Readings and Public Discussions
  • Screenings
  • Audiovisual Installations

POLIS, CITIZEN, POLITICS, CULTURE: root words connecting the active citizen with the city. Interconnecting culture and thematic tourism, is more than necessary and pertinent in the Ionian Islands, and especially in Corfu (i.e. its’ old town has been nominated by UNESCO as cultural monument, full of Venetian fortresses churches , museums, etc.) Emerging the historical dimension, but also merging it with the contemporary artistic creation, gives breath to places with rich artistic activity befitting the cosmopolitan Corfu. Considering the city as a stage and approaching the urban fabric through an expanded theatricality echoes Corfu’s character and DIPETHEΚ’s interaction with the broader society.